Mini-Pig Atlas Development

Investigators: Peter L Jones PhD, Seth D Friedman PhD, Scott Magargee, AB JD

Category: Research - Basic

Mini-Pig Atlas Development

Springbok Analytics will provide the below analytical platform development services in conjunction with a FSHD research community initiative to study the effect of FSHD in mini-pigs. The development of this platform will be the first step in determining whether studying FSHD in mini-pigs can inform human studies, clinical trials and related research focused on finding a cure for FSHD.

  • Springbok will acquire MR images from six normative mini-pigs (3 female, 3 male) at two timepoints.
  • Springbok will process and perform the segmentation of the images in order to produce the mini-pig atlas of up to ten muscles in the pigs as identified by FSHD researchers and scientists.
  • Springbok will provide ongoing consultation regarding the atlas development, which will include engaging Seth Friedman, PhD, to assist with the project.

Springbok will give FSHD research, foundation and other non-profit organizations access to, and use of, the mini-pig atlas at no cost for purposes of potential use in appropriate non-commercial research projects.

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