Kennedy Krieger Institute Data-Lake Expansion - FlexFund

Investigators: Seth D Friedman PhD, Doris G Leung MD PhD, Scott Magargee, AB JD

Category: Research - Basic

This project seeks to make use of our recently developed analytic strategy that uses all scans for modeling change, which alleviates the need to pair or synchronize timepoints. At Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI), Dr. Doris Leung has banked MRI scans from 30 FSHD subjects at baseline, 3, 9, 15, and 21 months (150 scans). For our existing project (building an MRI data-lake), we have analyzed 90 of these scans corresponding to the baseline, 3, and 15-month timepoints. We have generated critical reproducibility estimates using the baseline–3-month pairs, and we have matched up the 3-month and 15-month data to our Wellstone Bilateral sample (in which participants were scanned at 1-year intervals). Since our new method can provide improved estimates if longitudinal data are added to our aggregated sample, we are processing the remaining KKI scans (taken at 9 and 21-months; n=60).

Note: No-cost extension granted from original 1/31/2024 to 7/1/2024 to provide additional time for data compilation.

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