Grants and Resources

The development of therapies for any disease takes a lot of work and can take a long time. Friends believes that by understanding the biology of FSHD, we can strategize treatments and cures.

A key aspect of developing therapies is funding researchers to conduct experiments that incrementally unravel the mysteries of the disease, and improve the technologies that will enable treatment.

Funding organizations typically avoid risky research investments, which often makes it difficult for researchers to find funding for new ideas. Friends of FSH Research reduces project risks by soliciting and reviewing proposals that support our pipeline, by having a quick turn-around time on the review process, and by having open communication about progress with our Scientific Advisory Board. By working together with groups of researchers, we establish the collaborative culture necessary to accelerate research.

Because our organization is highly risk tolerant we focus our funding efforts on transformative ideas that will attract additional outside funding and help build our knowledge base.

In order to apply for a grant, please review the Types of Grants and how to Apply for a Grant.