Apply for an FSHD Research Scholar grant

Thank you for your interest in applying to our organization as an FSHD Research Scholar. The basic application, submission timeline, reporting, etc., follow that of a typical grant as found Apply for a Grant, with some additional requirements.


  • This award is to support post-doctoral fellows, instructors and assistant professors. Applicants must have received a PhD, MD, or DO degree from an accredited domestic or foreign institution.
  • Applicant must have on-site mentor or senior collaborator who is an established FSHD investigator.
  • The fellowship is for up to a two-year period, with the second year dependent on successful completion of the first year’s stated objectives.
  • The amount based on the institution's standard salary scale, benefits & research support. Payment will be made one week prior to activation date of the first year, and assuming the first year’s final report is satisfactory, the second year's salary will be paid at the beginning of the second program year. The 1st year’s final report is required eleven months after the award is activated.
  • Friends of FSHD Research Scholar program funds are not to be used to fund institutional overhead or other indirect costs.
  • If an awardee receives a career development award or other comparable research funding from the NIH, the Muscular Dystrophy Association or similar organization, he/she must choose between it and the Friends Research Scholar Award.


In addition to the required sections of a typical grant request document sent to , the following must also be included:

  • References and Career Resume – brief summary of education, work background and previous research experience.
  • Proof of applicant’s successful completion of PhD, MD, or DO.
  • Research Training/Career Plans – brief description of present or just completed research training, applicant’s future career plans including a statement of how their previous experience and research expertise will be useful to Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy research.
  • Mentor/Sponsor Letter - a letter from an on-site FSHD researcher stating how the award will enhance applicant's training and/or facilitate the training of a future independent FSH investigator. This letter should include a commitment by the sponsor of the training and opportunities they will provide the FSHD Scholar during the fellowship period.
  • Sponsor Biosketch – summary no longer than 2 pages, may refer to National Institutes of Health form PHS 398 as a guide.
  • Institutional Assurance - which includes the applicant's institutional signature (i.e., Grants & Contracts/Sponsored Research Office), signifying the institution's acceptance of these conditions.

Separately, one letter of recommendation mailed/emailed directly (not via the applicant) to Friends of FSH Research.