In-situ Muscle Test System FLEX Grant

Investigator: Silvère M van der Maarel PhD

Category: Research - Translational

Friends of FSH Research announced a $7,500 FLEX Fund Grant awarded to Silvère van der Maarel, PhD in order to help fund the purchase of an in-situ muscle testing system.

Silvère's lab team
Silvère's lab team

As referenced in a previous article on FSHD mouse models, a 2.5 D4Z4 repeat mouse has been created which clearly has much higher DUX4 expression in myotube cultures. Friends is committed to helping this research proceed as quickly as possible in order to facilitate therapy trials. The equipment was also partially funded by a group promoting DMD research, which Silvère's lab also conducts. Interestingly some of the possible avenues of DMD intervention may share the same technology. So not surprisingly, cooperation is the best approach for research into both conditions.

FLEX Fund program was established to give researchers a funding resource for special equipment, lab supplies, and personnel or to pursue projects not covered by their existing funding. FLEX gives FSH scientists a resource to meet emergent needs in their labs — keeping research moving forward!