Progress Update: Travel Reimbursement for Clinical Study Participants

by Michael Kyba
See grant Travel Reimbursement for Clinical Study Participants

This grant provided funds for the reimbursement of patients and matched controls who participate in two ongoing IRB-approved University of Minnesota clinical FSHD research studies: Metabolic Rate and Exercise Tolerance in Adults with Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (Manda Keller-Ross, PI) and Tissue Biopsies for the Study of FSHD (Michael Kyba, PI).

With the support of these funds, we have recruited 10 FSHD participants and 12 unaffected controls to the metabolism and exercise tolerance and 9 FSHD participants and 5 unaffected controls to the tissue biopsy study over the past year. Data from the metabolism and exercise tolerance study has been drafted into a first paper that has been submitted, and continues to be expanded; and work on the tissue biopsy study is ongoing.

In the initial version of this application, we had indicated that we would refund up to $250 towards airfare. For some participants, for whom it is impossible to find airfares with discount carriers, this refund amount has limited their ability to participate, therefore we have requested and received permission to increase this portion of refunds to such future recipients to $400.