2019 FSHD Science Briefing

Hyatt Regency Lake Washington
(same date & location as the auction)
Hyatt Rainier Room
1:30pm to 4pm

Join us before the Annual Auction at Hyatt Regency for presentations by the Wellstone Center Director and FSHD researchers. Get the some of the latest on the research, and bring your questions. And then off to the Auction for yes, some fundraising, but also lots of fun.

View the Research Day Agenda below, or download it here.


Gregory J Block, MSc PhD
Board Member, Board of Directors
Friends of FSH Research

Jeff Chamberlain, PhD
Director, Wellstone Center
Professor of Neurology, Medicine, and Biochemistry
McCaw Endowed Chair in Muscular Dystrophy
University of Washington


Mechanisms and biomarkers for FSHD
Amy Campbell, PhD
Staff scientist
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Epigenetics in FSHD
Premi Haynes, PhD
Staff scientist
University of Washington


MRI biomarkers in FSHD
Dennis Shaw, MD
Division Chief, Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Seattle Children's Hospital
Professor of Radiology
University of Washington

Functional biomarkers in FSHD
Leo H Wang, MD PhD
Associate Professor of Neurology
University of Washington


Fulcrum Therapeutics: On the Path to Clinical Trials in FSHD
Michelle Mellion, MD
Medical Director
Fulcrum Therapeutics

Round Table
What can we learn from other diseases that applies to getting a FSHD clinical trial going?