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Crystallization of DUX4 for Structure Analysis

Investigators: Hideki Aihara PhD and Michael Kyba PhD

The DUX4 protein causes FSHD and is therefore the primary target of drug development.  In order to better understand this protein, and to understand how potential drugs may work to inhibit the protein, it will be essential to determine the protein’s structure at the atomic level.  This research aims towards solving the DUX4 structure by identifying conditions under which crystals of the DUX4 protein can be grown.  Such crystals can then be used to solve the three dimensional atomic structure of the DUX4 protein using X-ray crystallography.

Grant Information

Date awarded: Jan 01, 2015
End date: Jun 30, 2015
Amount awarded: $33,397

Hideki Aihara PhD
Associate Professor
University of Minnesota

Michael Kyba PhD
Professor of Pediatrics
University of Minnesota