Jeffrey M Statland MD


Assistant Professor

University of Kansas Medical Center

Dr. Statland is an assistant professor of neurology at the University of Kansas Medical Center with both clinical and research training in neuromuscular diseases. His primary research interest is in FSHD, one of the most prevalent adult muscular dystrophies. Recent advances in our understanding of the genetic mechanism behind FSHD have led to the identification of potential therapeutic targets, resulting in a pressing need to develop sensitive, disease-relevant outcome measures for clinical trials. Development of outcomes measures was recognized as a priority at a number of international FSHD meetings and workshops.

His current research includes an FSHD disease-specific patient reported health inventory, an FSHD-specific functional rating scale, and the reliability of electrical impedance myography. With his collaborator, Dr. Rabi Tawil at the University of Rochester Medical Center, he is also attempting to develop molecular and neuroimaging biomarkers of disease activity for future FSHD clinical trials. Effective outcomes research is at its heart a collaborative effort. Together with his collaborators, he hopes to develop the institutional infrastructure and tools to run high-quality, efficient clinical trials.

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