Darina Šikrová MSc


PhD student

Leiden University Medical Centre

Šikrová is a PhD student in the lab of Prof. dr. S. van der Maarel, Department of Human Genetics, Leiden University Medical centre. She previously worked as a Research Assistant in the ​​​​​​​Laboratory of Regulation of Gene Expression, Institute of Microbiology of ASCR, Czech Republic.

Šikrová has experience in siRNA transfection, plasmid transfection, western blot, polysome profile analysis and fractionation, co-immunoprecipitation, RNA and DNA isolation, reverse transcription, qPCR, PCR, cloning, gel electrophoresis, MTT assay, protein purification, luciferase assay, lentivirus production, lentiviral trunsduction, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, chromatin immunoprecipitation, and fluorescent microscopy.