Charles Marusak PhD



miRecule, Inc.

Charles Marusak received his BS in Biochemistry at Michigan State University in 2014. He subsequentially pursued his doctorate at Case Western Reserve University, working on the preclinical development of drugs that target the drivers of cancer metastasis, publishing on one that shows great promise. Charles was awarded his doctorate in 2018 and did a Post Doc at the University of Miami, where he authored a paper that helped characterize the underpinnings of melanoma metastasis.

In June 2019, Charles joined miRecule Inc, where he is the lead scientist working towards an FSHD therapeutic. The well characterized genetic mechanisms that leads to DUX4 expression and the pathology and progression of FSHD, was intriguing to Charles and seemed like the perfect opportunity to apply his skill set in preclinical research. Charles is extremely excited for this opportunity as an early career principal investigator, and hopes that through this project he can help create a treatment for those affected by FSHD.

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