TF-Scan Pilot Study

Investigator: Talus Bioscience

Category: Research - Basic

Talus Bioscience's TF-Scan technology measures systems-wide changes in transcription factor activity within a natural, non-engineered cellular environment. To accomplish this, we combine innovative cell processing with high-sensitivity quantitative proteomics, and advanced downstream analytics (Federation et al., 2020).

DUX4 is a transcription factor that is usually silenced in most tissues after early development. However, in individuals with FSHD, the DUX4 gene becomes aberrantly expressed in skeletal muscle and contributes to disease progression.

We will conduct a pilot study to determine the feasibility of TF-Scan for detecting DUX4 in inducible DUX4-expressing muscle cells. If successful, this study may provide data to support the deployment of TF-Scan to discover novel drug-like modulators of DUX4.