Anna Pakula PhD


Postdoctoral research fellow

Boston Children Hospital

Joined the Kunkel Lab in October 2015 after graduating from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland. She holds a Ph.D. in the myology field from the Free University in Germany. In the Kunkel Lab, Anna’s focus is on Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy (FSHD) and Duchenne Dystrophy. Her interests include developing treatment strategies through injections and use of transgenic zebrafish models designed by Hiroaki Mitsuhashi. Through Anna’s focus on the main mechanisms behind FSHD, she has been working on Single Cell Transcriptomics on primary human muscle FSHD cells in order to characterize the cells regardless of DUX4 expression. Anna is an active member of the Women in Science Association in both Germany and the United States.

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