We're Moving Muscles for Research!



We're getting close to the Seattle Marathon!! Time to sign up, join our team, or support a runner at the above link!!

We're on a mission to raise awareness and funds at this years Seattle Marathon!   This event was spearheaded by Mariel Colella who has already raised over $1000!

There are so many ways you can help with this event that it justifies using a numbered list:

1) Run, walk, or scooter the marathon.  The marathon and half marathon are on Sunday, November 30th, Registration is $120 for the full, and $90 for the half marathon.  The 5K and Kids Marathon are on Saturday, November 29th. Registration is $40 for the 5K and $20 for the kids marathon. You can specify whether you will run or walk and yes, it's accessible!  YES YOU CAN RACE THIS RACE!!! 

Once you have registered, you can join our team.  You'll need to register on Crowdrise, but they'll do all the hard work. Like dealing with money. 

2) Tell people about the race!! Tell everyone you know all over the world to go to the crowdrise page at click our Moving Muscles for Research campaign and to donate their hearts out. 

3) Help us design a T-shirt. We want some slick swag for the event, if you can make a nicer design than our current attempts, send us your ideas (Hint: our t-shirt will probably look a lot like this website).

4) Come to the event, buy a T-shirt (once it's designed - see point #3 - I knew numbering the list would come in handy), and come out and support our team.  This will be a great time to meet our growing team, speak to us about our research program and how we're going to beat FSH Muscular Dystrophy.