Voice of the Patient Forum for Drug Development

The Future is Now

Due to health risks posed by Covid-19, this has been postponed. The date will be June 29.

The Friends of FSH Research is partnering with the FSHD Society on a landmark Voice of the Patient Forum for Drug Development, which takes place on June 29. This meeting is the FSHD Community’s platform to present testimony by patients and family caregivers and educate the FDA on how FSHD has impacted your life or the life of your loved ones. Your input will result in a Voice of the Patient Report that will be submitted to the FDA’s Division of Neurology Products, Office of New Drugs, for inclusion in the framework used to evaluate future FSHD therapies. Your views carry great weight with the agency when it considers whether to approve a new therapy.

The Voice of the Patient Forum for Drug Development for FSHD is co-sponsored by the FSHD Society, Friends of FSH Research, MDA, and Optum.

See The Voice of the Patient Reports from other FDA Patient-Focused Drug Development meetings. Also, an interesting PharmaVoice article on this topic.

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