Update: Tongue electro-impedance myography: a window into FSHD

Update by Dr. Sanchez
see grant Tongue electro-impedance myography: a window into FSHD

Evaluating tongue health in individuals affected with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) is of cardinal importance to prevent severe complications in this patient population. However, current approaches and instruments for evaluating weakness and wasting of the tongue are cumbersome to perform and time consuming, rely on the patient being able to cooperate effectively, require highly trained personnel, involve the use of ionizing radiation, are unable to obtain frequent assessments, and data interpretation is subjective and qualitative. In this study, we tested a novel tongue EIM device for assessment of tongue in FSHD. The results our study demonstrate the potential clinical utility of tongue EIM by measuring electrical alterations in patients with FSHD. These results support future work of tongue EIM as a bedside technology serving as a simple, inexpensive, easily-applied, and rapid biomarker to detect tongue deterioration, stabilization and/or improvement in patients with FSHD.