University of Waterloo Student Describes FSHD as a Disease of Losses


Last month we had the pleasure of interacting with Schuyler Schmidt, a fourth-year kinesiology student at the University of Waterloo Faculty of Applied Health Sciences in Waterloo, Ontario (you know, the place where Blackberry phones comes from). We spoke for quite some time about her journey through the scientific literature, and she also interviewed a patient with FSHD.

Schuyler decided to focus on both the human and genetic aspects of FSHD for her final project. She produced a narrated powerpoint presentation that elegantly describes FSHD, the history of some of the seminal studies, and the impact the disease has on a person's life.

See slideshow below.

Schuyler put an epic amount of work into this presentation, and her distillation of the complex genetics of FSHD may be the best I've encountered.