Pi Day Donor Match!!!

At Friends of FSH Research we are serious about science. Being serious about science means we're also serious about math, and that implies that we can calculate the circumference of a circle.  Since tomorrow is 3.14.15, we are pretty much losing our minds. 

That's why one of our donors has stepped up and offered a special PI day donor match.

For every dollar you donate, our donor will multiply that donation by 3.1415.

You donate 1 dollar, we get matched $3.1415, that's $4.1415 towards our research program! Wow!

Just in case you don't know, we fund innovative research for FSH muscular dystrophy. We align our research interests with a drug discovery pipeline, and are constantly announcing the funding of new and exciting research projects. Most importantly, we manage our research projects closely and are constantly learning.

Science Conference
We love science so much that we go to science conferences, where we get blinded by science.