More MRI Studies

An MRI of the legs of a person with FSHD
An MRI of the legs of a person with FSHD.

It would appear that the initial MRI study by Seth Friedman, Ph.D. and the subsequent longitudinal study now in progress (both funded by Friends of FSH Research) has spurred interest in using MRI as a diagnostic tool for FSHD.

Doris G. Leung, M.D.
Doris G. Leung, M.D.

The FSH Society is sponsoring a new study conducted by Doris G. Leung, M.D. As we move ever closer to the trial phase, developing tools like this is extremely important, and we are pleased that the FSH Society is also taking the initiative to fund this type of research.

Read more about this study, and if you have the opportunity, participate.