GiveBIG 2019

GiveBIG 2019

Support Evaluator Training!

All 2019 GiveBIG donations will be earmarked for the training of clinical evaluators for future FSHD drug trials. We are closing in on potential therapies for FSHD muscular dystrophy. To test a drug's effectiveness, an expertly trained staff is essential (see also our latest newsletter).

Your GiveBIG donations will help insure the success of future clinical trials.

Cost of Training Each Evaluator

  • Air travel $700
  • Hotel $250
  • Lead Evaluator $300
  • Clinical Research Center time $300
  • Honorarium for volunteers for live testing: $150
  • Total $1,700

Double Your Donation

A group of Board Members and donors will match your donation, meaning that if we raise enough to train one Evaluator, it will be doubled, and so enough for two Evaluators.

FSHD Clinical Trial Research Network