Dr. Chamberlain Elected to VP of the ASGCT

On May 3rd, the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy announced the results of it annual vote for open positions on the Board of Directors, naming Jeffrey Chamberlain, Ph. D. Vice President. Dr. Chamberlain is a geneticist with expertise in muscular dystrophies, and chairs the Scientific Advisory Board for Friends, along with being a Professor in Neurology at the University of Washington and Director of the Wellstone Research Center at the UW. The 3-year term transitions to President-Elect and President in years two and three, respectively.

When asked about his goals while in this leadership role, Dr. Chamberlain replied, “In recent years gene therapy has become as one of the most promising approaches to treating many diseases, including the muscular dystrophies. Gene therapies are in clinical trials for several muscular dystrophies, including several developed in our Wellstone Center, and several are now available by prescription. This rapid emergence of genetic therapies has been accompanied by a huge influx of biotech companies racing to develop the next blockbuster drug, sometimes at the expense of the innovation and risk taking characteristic of academic labs. One of my goals as a leader of ASGCT is to ensure balance between careful focus on next generation technologies vs simply applying current technologies to a wider spectrum of disorders.”

The American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy is the primary professional membership organization for gene and cell therapy. The Society's members are scientists, physicians, patient advocates, and other professionals. Its members work in a wide range of settings including universities, hospitals, government agencies, foundations, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

The mission of ASGCT is to advance knowledge, awareness, and education leading to the discovery and clinical application of genetic and cellular therapies to alleviate human disease. ASGCT's strategic vision is to be a catalyst for bringing together scientists, physicians, patient advocates, and other stakeholders to transform the practice of medicine by incorporating the use of genetic and cellular therapies to control and cure human disease.

ASGCT was established in 1996 by Dr. George Stamatoyannopoulos, professor of medicine at the University of Washington's School of Medicine, and a group of the country's leading researchers in gene therapy. With nearly 4,500 members in the United States and worldwide, today ASGCT is the largest association of individuals involved in gene and cell therapy research.


Communicate discoveries and clinical applications to patient communities, the public, and media.

Inform members and stakeholders on multiple platforms, empowering communities to advance the science and application of gene and cell therapy.

Advocate on behalf of members to lawmakers and policymakers to support the success of and patient access to gene and cell therapy.

Drive scientific and technological advancements while inspiring new people to enter the field.

Global Outreach
Advance knowledge, education, and awareness of gene and cell therapy around the world.