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MR Evaluation of Skeletal Muscles

— November 11, 2011

The main findings describe pervasive inflammation and heterogeneity of affected calf muscles in FSHD.

Development of anti-DUX4 therapeutics for FSHD

— October 31, 2011

Identifying new therapies and understanding the pathogenesis of FSHD

— October 19, 2011

An update by Barbara D Page on the work done for the first of a 2-year project titled "Using model organisms to identify new therapies and understand the pathogenesis of FSHD."

Platform development and candidate drug screening for FSHD: Update

— September 6, 2011

The Miller Lab has made exciting progress in the development of a platform for screening genes and compounds with activities that affect FSHD-specific pathogenic processes.

Platform development and candidate drug screening for FSHD

— September 6, 2011

A major goal of the Seattle FSHD research consortium has been to develop platforms for drug discovery.