friends of FSH Research


Tips for Air Travel with a Power Wheelchair

— September 26, 2017

Howard Chabner addresses issues of air travel with a power wheelchair.

BETi Compounds Alter DUX4 Expression

— September 22, 2017

Amy Campbell and Fran Sverdrup have recently published a paper on initial results of a screen for compounds that inhibit DUX4 expression.

September 2017 RFP

— September 10, 2017

Our latest RFP is now open.

George & Lynn

— September 10, 2017

George & Lynn's commitment to Friends of FSH Research is a natural fit due to their common goal of basic research.

World FSHD Day Proclamation

— June 20, 2017

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee proclaims June 20th "FSHD Awareness Day."